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way of Jesus Christ.
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Biblical Economics 101

Biblical Economics 101

Get your financial fresh start today with our 12 hour comprehensive foundational course. Biblical Economics 101 will teach you everything you need to know about money from a biblical perspective. This course will revolutionize and transform your thinking!

  • Are you struggling to make “financial ends” meet?
  • Do you have so much debt, that you can’t seem to get from under it?
  • Do you wonder if God wants you to have money?
  • Do you live in fear of your present and future financial positions?
  • Do you want to help build the Kingdom of God, but never seem to have the money?

If you answered “yes”… to one or more of these questions, then click here to learn these steps to financial freedoms and growth using the Word of God!

  Start Fresh Financially

“I have spent 25 years studying the Word of God about finances. What I have learned has set me free from the financial bondage that I was once in. The Word of God can do the same for you!” - Stuart Watkins

Strategic Planning for Churches

Inner Healing & Deliverance

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors they succeed.” – Prov. 14.22

“Plans are established by seeking advice.” – Prov. 20:18

“Every organization benefits from the unbiased view of an outside opinion.” – Rev. Dr. Stuart R. Watkins

Pastors, are you . . .

  • Struggling to see a vison for your church?
  • Having organizational problems both in terms of staff and the congregation?
  • Are you feeling pressured to quite the ministry?
  • Do you know what the threats are to your church and what the opportunites are?
  • Do you have a one year plan? Two year? Five year?
  • Do you just need to talk to someone that is not part of your church?

If you answered “yes”… to one or more of these questions, then click here to see how Dr. Stuart Watkins can come and help you and your church get a “fresh start”.

  Start Fresh In Planning

“With 35 years of experience as a self-employed entrepreneur, I know how to operate a business. Churches are very similar; so much so that Jesus said he was ‘about His Father’s business.'” - Stuart Watkins

“No minimum honourarium, no minimum crowd, I’m burning to bring financial help to your church!” - Stuart Watkins

Booking Information

Stuart Watkins is available to teach in your church or at your conference or event. Stuart has been developing and teaching biblical economics for over 10 years and is a sought after teacher and church consultant. Additionally, he has planted two churches and obtained four degrees in theology including a doctorate.

Stuart has had a 35 year successful career as an entrepreneur and is continually developing new and exciting ventures.

Some of the topics that Stuart can teach include:

  • False Ideas about Money
  • The Purpose of Money
  • Does God want you to be Blest? (yes and out of debt too!)
  • God’s Economy
  • A Study of Wealth and Success
  • The Way to Prosperity

Stuart’s mission is the freedom of the masses from financial ignorance and be set free, and he would be honoured to serve you and your church through teaching and/or consulting.

Click Here to Book Stuart